Ask the Experts
Author: CJ Todd | March 2nd, 2021

Ask the Experts | Clear Understanding of Customer Experience

Contracting business owners that don’t set a clear understanding of what their expected customer experience run the risk of inconsistent results, underperforming employees, and dissatisfied customers. This week, the EGIA Faculty respond to industry data collected in one of our monthly Snapshot Survey industry research surveys:

Has ownership/upper management created a clear understanding for the company of what is the expected customer experience?

EGIA’s faculty members Weldon Long (Sales Expert and New York Times Bestselling author), Drew Cameron (President of Flow Odyssey), and Gary Elekes (Founder of EPC Training and iMarket Solutions) give their expert advice on how to systematically deliver and measure an unparalleled customer experience that keeps homeowners delighted and aligns your people with your company goals.

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