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Author: | September 12th, 2023

Ask The Experts | Converting Inbound Calls Into Leads

An HVAC contractor in North Carolina asked:

“I manage the office and I am responsible for the team handling inbound calls. What percentage of inbound calls should I realistically be turned into an appointment?

The phone can ring frequently with inbound calls from potential customers seeking solutions to their needs. Answering a few questions over the phone may make you or your employee feel like they’re helping a customer, but the only way to make a difference in that customer’s life is to come into the home by scheduling a service call.

Consistently converting calls into leads ensures that you don’t merely provide answers but take proactive steps to address their immediate needs. Nothing beats an on-site evaluation because it allows you to see the situation firsthand and tailor your solutions to their specific requirements, as well as build trust with the customer.

Customers may seem like they are just calling for information, but they wouldn’t be calling you without some pain in their life that prompts them to dial. Asking a customer to explain their pain can also give you the key to scheduling a service call, just by offering the service that they are actively telling you they need.

A significant portion of customer issues or needs cannot be fully understood over the phone. The missing piece of the puzzle is the on-site assessment. By scheduling a lead, you bridge this gap, enabling your team to assess the situation comprehensively and provide tailored solutions.

Mr. James Leichter is a 25-year services industry innovator who delivers products and services to help businesses streamline operations and improve profit. He is a seasoned business owner who shares his experience and expertise through speaking engagements, authoring industry articles for magazines, and participate as a legal expert witness. As a successful HVAC business owner in the 1990’s, he quickly realized his passion was helping others succeed. He then founded Aptora to deliver the first enterprise software solution for the contracting industry called Total Office Manager.

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