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Author: Cristina Hanson | December 14th, 2021

Ask the Experts | Offering Accessories On Service Calls

When it comes down to spending additional time offering accessories to a customer while on a service call, how often do your techs take advantage of the opportunity? On this week’s Ask the Experts call, an HVAC contractor from Montana asks:

I have seen that we should offer 3-4 accessories on each service call, but that would result in an additional 30 minutes on every call. That seems like a lot of time. Please explain.

Contractor University faculty members Weldon Long (Sales Expert and New York Times Bestselling author), Gary Elekes (Founder of iMarket Solutions) and Drew Cameron (President of Flow Odyssey) give their expert advice on providing accessories on service calls and how taking the additional time to offer a higher level of service can influence your success.

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