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Author: Cristina Hanson | May 22nd, 2023

EGIA Contractor University Content Update 5/22/23

The following new resources have been added to the Contractor University Online Platform. Contractor University members can click the links below to download the new resources and start using them today!


April 2023 Snapshot Report: Succession Planning For Business Owners: Succession planning is the process of identifying, developing, and positioning individuals to assume leadership roles within an organization. It is an essential part of business continuity, and it can help ensure the long-term success of a contracting business. Many owners do not have a formalized plan, putting the future of their business in danger of disruption, financial loss, and employee morale issues. In April 2023’s Snapshot Survey, we asked our nationwide network of contracting business owners about their succession plans to help you create the brightest future for your business.


Top 5 Ways To Make Sales And Profits With Payment Plans: Are you struggling to close jobs and increase your revenue as a home services contractor? One proven way to boost your sales is by leveraging payment plans effectively. Yet, most owners, sales and service managers, technicians, and comfort advisors misunderstand the true power, purpose, and process of payment plans.

In this complimentary educational webinar, you’ll learn about the top five ways to maximize your sales and profits with payment plans, battle-tested solutions for leveraging payment plans effectively, and strategies to help you make your services and products more affordable and attractive to potential customers.