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Online Class Update
Author: CJ Todd | August 1st, 2021

EGIA’s New Contractor Pricing Training Course Now Available

Access Our New 17-Video Contractor Pricing Online Class Now

Are you ready to learn expert-level best practices on pricing principles that will empower you to build sustainable profitability in your contracting business? Our comprehensive new Pricing online class is officially live on! This series provides in-depth analysis to help you understand how to competitively and profitably price your services to customers. The module is comprised of 17 new video lessons, including:

  • Video 1: Key Pricing Philosophies
  • Video 3: Knowing Your Costs to Ensure Price Efficiency
  • Video 4: Pricing to Market Value
  • Video 6: What is Breakeven Pricing? Using it in Your Pricing Strategy
  • Video 7: Discounting Practices
  • Video 8: Pricing for Demand Service
  • Video 9: Divisor, Multiplier and Markup
  • Video 11: Dual Overhead Method – How Labor and Efficiency Drive Overhead
  • Video 13: Pricing for Maintenance
  • Video 15: Pricing Extended Warranties in the House
  • And more!
  • Ready to Start the Course?

    Contractor Unviersity members can log in and start start the new Contractor Pricing Training. If you’re not a Contractor University member, you can sample the free classes or unlock everything for free and get access to the new 17-segment Contractor Pricing online video training class.