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Online Class Update
Author: Cristina Hanson | November 3rd, 2021

EGIA’s New Maintenance Tech Training Course Now Available

Access Our New 30-Video Maintenance Tech Training Course Now

Are you ready to learnthe best strategies to help youturn your maintenance techs into your top performers? Our in-depth new Maintenance Tech Parts 1 and 2 are officially live on! The series provides an extensive look at the best practices and strategies that will help maintenance techs reach their full potential, from discussing prices with customers to establishing a winning mindset. The two modules comprise a total of 30 new videos, including:

  • Part 1 Video 3: Increasing Income Via Productivity
  • Part 1 Video 6: Seemingly Inconsequential Decisions
  • Part 1 Video 9: Mindset Goal Setting
  • Part 1 Video 10: Establishing an Achievement Plan
  • Part 1 Video 12: Being the Best Version of Yourself
  • Part 2 Video 1: Client Experience -Fixing the Customer First
  • Part 2 Video 4: Social Styles in the Trades
  • Part 2 Video 6: Top Questions All Techs Need to Master
  • Part 2 Video 14: Value vs. Dollar Balance -Presenting Multiple Options
  • Part 2 Video 16: Lead Turnovers for Non-Selling Techs
  • And more!
  • Ready to Start the Course?

    Contractor University members can log in and start the new Maintenance Tech Training. If you’re not a Contractor University member, you can sample the free classes or unlock everything for free and get access to the brand-new 30 segment Maintenance Tech online video training class.