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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | May 13th, 2024

How to Create Urgency

An HVAC Contractor in North Dakota asked:

“I want to know how to create urgency for my customers to get tune-ups?”

Brigham Dickinson started by explaining this will only continue as long as a business is not proactive in its management of service agreements.

“The intent of a service agreement is to keep us busy in the offseason,” said Dickinson. “We need to proactively send out emails, texts, in every way shape and form remind our customers just before the offseason it is time to get our system serviced.”

According to Dickinson, it is common for businesses to let their service agreement program go by the wayside while they are in the busy season, and then when they finally do have time they are unable to get all of their customers’ systems serviced during a shoulder season.

Mike Treas then jumped in and said that when anyone in a business is talking to a customer, the words they use are extremely important to conveying the importance of servicing a system. It’s not reasonable to expect customers to know why they need their HVAC systems serviced regularly, but a business’s communications can educate them on this issue.

In order to create that urgency, we need to talk to them about things that they can get their head wrapped around,” said Treas. “Like saving money, not having to replace this thing or maybe even having somebody out there checking on things so we don’t have break downs.”

Brigham Dickinson is an accomplished author, speaker, and thought-leader in the field of customer service. As the founder and president of Power Selling Pros, Dickinson revolutionized customer service practices in the home services industry, assisting hundreds of companies around the globe to enhance their customer experience and increase job bookings.

Mike Treas, aka “the HVAC Sales Coach,” offers training and consulting for all sales staff including comfort advisors, technicians, customer service representatives and management.

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