Snapshot Survey
Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | May 13th, 2024

Have You Ever Run Marketing Promotions for Your Business?

In the June 2023 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors about their experiences running marketing promotions. Here’s one survey question and its results from the “Running Marketing Promotions” summary report, which is available in it’s entirety by Contractor University members here.

Have You Ever Run Marketing Promotions for Your Business?

EGIA Snapshot Survey - Running Marketing Promotions

The survey results revealed that a significant majority of home services business owners (93%) have experience in running marketing promotions. This indicates the recognition of marketing promotions as an essential tool for expanding customer base and enhancing brand visibility. With nearly all respondents having utilized marketing promotions, it is evident that these strategies play a pivotal role in the industry’s marketing endeavors. In a follow-up question, we asked contractors when during the year they run marketing promotions. The leading response (47%) said year-round.

Here’s what an HVAC contractor from California said in the survey:

“We operate from a word-of-mouth standpoint and use social media marketing to engage with existing customers.”

Contractor University members can click here to access all of our resources on running marketing promotions for your company.