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Online Class Update
Author: CJ Todd | January 3rd, 2022

New Customer Service Training Course Now Available

Access Contractor University’s New 17-Video Customer Service Course and Elevate Your Team’s Skills!

Bring your team the best strategies to enhance their customer service skills and improve their performance with our new, in-depth video class on Customer Service – now officially live on And you and your whole team can access it free!

The series provides a deep dive into the best practices and strategies that will help customer service reps win over customers and book more calls, from developing communication skills to establishing a connection and, eventually, driving more revenue. The module is comprised of 17 new videos, including:

  • Video 1: Company Vision and Purpose
  • Video 3: Customer Service First Impressions
  • Video 5: Creating an Amazing Customer Experience
  • Video 6: Booking the Call
  • Video 8: CSR Behavior
  • Video 9: Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Video 12: Establishing Empathy and Showing Interest
  • Video 15: Service Agreement Inbound Non-Club
  • Video 16: Buzzwords to Avoid
  • And more!
  • Ready to Start the Course?

    Contractor University members can log in and start the new Customer Service Training. If you’re not a Contractor University member, you can sample the free classes or unlock the class for free below.