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Online Class Update
Author: Thomas Christian | September 15th, 2023

New Sales Execution Course Available for Contractor University Members

Access 12 Training Videos on How to Drive Profits through Sales Execution

Sales/Selling is a myth. People choose to buy, or they choose not to buy. The choice is always theirs to make. Attempting to sell people typically yields a lot of hysterical hyperactivity with marginal and inconsistent results, company revenue and personal income, which in turn yields emotional ups and downs for salespeople and business owners.

That’s where Contractor University’s new 12-part on-demand video course comes in. To eliminate erratic performance results, you will learn the value of executing a process in which you are no longer selling, closing, and overcoming objections.

You will change your focus to guide the customer to choose how they want to proceed through the buying process to yield a better customer experience and greater performance results.

With 12 segments, this course covers everything from understanding a salesperson’s role in the buying process to building a network of happy customers who will keep coming back to you again and again, including the following training videos designed to help you increase your sales conversions:

  • Video 1: Trusted Authority
  • Video 5: Exploration and Connection
  • Video 7: Get to Work
  • Video 9: Review and Narrow
  • Video 11: Gain Commitment to the Next Step
  • And more!
  • If you’re tired of leaving money on the table and falling behind the competition, get started with the full 12-part course and learn the proven strategies for taking your sales team to the next level.

    Contractor University members can log in and start the new Sales Execution Training. If you’re not a Contractor University member, you can sample a free class or start a 30-day free trial to access to access all of our online training content.