Next Level Coaching Program

The Next Level Coaching program is designed for member contractors who are looking to grow their businesses and gives them the framework and ongoing training to excel. The program is personalized and confidential with results guaranteed if recommendations are properly implemented, and it places a much greater emphasis than our standard coaching on in-depth tracking, accountability and member follow-through in order to ensure maximum success.

It starts with an application and pre-interview, ensuring both parties are a good fit for one another, and then presents the member an ongoing path to success for the coming year based on the initial interview/business assessment along with the Contractor University Business Evaluator tool. The year concludes with a review of accomplishments by the member and a defined training path for the following year.

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• One hour virtual bi-weekly coaching call with defined agenda and specific list of items to be completed

• Business evaluation to define priority areas

• Processes defined include:

 ◦ Mission, Vision, Values

 ◦ Administrative

 ◦ Marketing

 ◦ Operational

 ◦ Service

 ◦ Sales

 ◦ Maintenance

 ◦ Financial Management

• Identify core business strengths and focus on improvement area

• Team / people development plan

• Business management coaching

• Budget builder

• Financial literacy

• Dashboards

• Marketing

• Business management documentation

• Executable achievement plan

• Accountability sessions with clear expectations and deliverables

• Setting up proper chart of accounts for budgeting and KPI tracking

• Next Level Coaching includes Premium2 level membership ($7,288 value) with the following additional benefits:

 ◦ Full access to Contractor University resource library and online classes

 ◦ Two tickets to all in-person training sessions

 ◦ Two tickets to annual EPIC conference

 ◦ Unlimited registration for all virtual workshops

• Optional peer-to-peer site visit quarterly (member travel costs not covered)

• Optional two-day Site Visit Assessment ($6,000 plus travel)

• Two tickets to the EPIC2025 Invite-Only Kickoff Party Event (Wednesday Night, March 5th) on the Italy Isola lakefront terrace inside Disney’s EPCOT Center


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Meet Our Coaches

Darrel Yashinsky

Director, Member Coaching

Bob larkin

Business Coaching