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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | April 30th, 2024

How to Reconnect with Former Customers

An HVAC Contractor in Utah asked:

“How do I reconnect with old customers?”

EGIA faculty member James Leichter started by explaining that the first step in conducting customer outreach is actually when the customer first connects with a company. At that point, a company needs to collect either an email address or phone number from the customer to be able to reach them again.

Continuing on his point, Leichter said to also collect the birth dates of the customer, so that they are able to reach out and send a birthday message once a year.

“You have to come up with a creative reason to reconnect with somebody,” said Leichter. “My favorite way is to wish somebody a happy birthday. My next favorite is happy holidays.”

Leichter also explained that often times, holding a sale and then sending out advertisements to old customers about said sale isn’t the best way to reconnect, since it lacks a personal touch. So instead, exhaust all of the methods you can think of to reconnect with customers on a personal basis, and as a last resort give them special offers to entice them back.

Fellow faculty member Mike Treas added to Leichter’s answer by saying that other company mailers should be sent out outside of the holidays so as to avoid when people typically have an increase in mail volume.

Treas also said that companies can send thank you letters to old customers as a way of reconnecting. “Say ‘we’re just thrilled that you’re one of our customers and thank you.’ People like it to be clean and simple.” said Treas.

James Leichter was a successful HVAC business owner in the 1990’s, but quickly realized his passion was helping others succeed. He then founded Aptora to deliver the first enterprise software solution for the contracting industry called Total Office Manager. He delivers the trifecta combining public speaking, hands-on business leader, and industry innovator.

Mike Treas, aka “the HVAC Sales Coach,” offers training and consulting for all sales staff including comfort advisors, technicians, customer service representatives and management.

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