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Snapshot Survey
Author: Cristina Hanson | March 3rd, 2023

Snapshot Survey Results | Maximizing Performance & Productivity

In the January 2023 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors about their strategies for maximizing the performance and productivity of their company. Here’s one survey question and its results from the “Maximizing Performance and Productivity” summary report, which will be available in its entirety to EGIA members on 3/29/23.

Does your company struggle with increasing performance and productivity?

EGIA Snapshot Survey - Maximizing Performance and Productivity

Companies that fail to improve their performance and productivity can face a wide range of challenges, including reduced profitability, decreased customer satisfaction, and increased employee turnover.

In our recent survey, 76% of contractors indicated that they do struggle to maximize the performance and productivity of their company. By focusing on the performance and productivity of your business, your company can streamline processes, optimize workflows, provide better customer service, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Identifying effective strategies and successfully implementing them can be challenging, but with results like increased efficiency and reduced costs, it is necessary for the success of your company.

Here’s what an HVAC contractor from Indiana said in the survey:

“Last year, we started sharing department goals and the results in our monthly full company team meetings as well reviewing individual goals monthly. We had considerable growth and attribute this to being part of the reason why. We are currently working on implementing the weekly scorecards for our managers.”

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