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Snapshot Survey
Author: CJ Todd | September 10th, 2021

Snapshot Survey Results | Work-Life Balance

In the August 2021 Snapshot Survey, contractors share their thoughts on work-life business in the home services industry in order to understand the demands of a trades career and how it affects professionals’ lives. Here’s one survey question and its results from the Work-Life Balance summary report, which will be available in its entirety to EGIA members on 9/20/21.

How satisfied are you with your work-life balance?

EGIA Snapshot Survey - Work-Life Balance

Contracting professionals have to ask themselves a challenging question: When do the needs of my business outweigh the needs of my family? Work-life balance is undoubtably important to any career path, but because the home services industry presents a unique environment of emergency service calls, we wanted to know if industry professionals can truly find the proper balance to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. The majority of contractors who took our survey (44%) said they were somewhat satisfied with their work-life balance. This data presents an optimistic outlook on the industry, where flexibility and family time is often prioritized by contracting business owners.

Here’s what an HVAC contractor from Florida said in the survey:

“I am free to take time off as I please but I am always available by phone for emergencies. I make the decision whether or not to respond personally or delegate to one of my senior leaders.”

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