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EGIA Contractor University
Author: Lucas Ehrbar | November 15th, 2017

Clip of the Week | Navigating Contractor University & Year-End Review

Weldon Long’s back with a fresh new Tip of the Week — once again, a bonus full episode of Cracking the Code!

This week, Weldon and John Ketchell finish demonstrating the Contractor University online courses by introducing the final three core pillars — pricing, financial structure and marketing, branding & lead generation.

Additionally, Weldon takes a viewer question on the balance between hard work and profits, and talks about the ever important end-of-year review: Where are you? Did you accomplish the things you hoped to accomplish? What are you going to do next year, and how will you get there?

This clip is excerpted from this week’s episode of Cracking the Code. Visit www.egia.org/show to watch the latest full show.