Online Class Update
Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | May 2nd, 2024

Learn the Tricks of the Trade with $250 Million Contractor Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly Shares Strategies He Used to Grow Parker and Sons from $9M to $250M in Revenue in Our New 5-part Video Series

In Contractor University’s new video series, “Tricks of the Trade,” uncover the trade secrets that propelled Parker & Sons to a $250 million per year enterprise, led by the remarkable Paul Kelly. With a storied career marked by pioneering business growth strategies and an unparalleled knack for the trades, Paul distills his wisdom into five powerful videos. Whether it’s mastering profit margins or crafting low-cost lead generation, these segments are your gateway to growth.

Click below to watch Paul’s strategies in action and start transforming your business today.

  • Segment 1: Background & Information
  • Segment 2: The Magic to Making More Money
  • Segment 3: Generating Low-Cost Leads – Part 1
  • Segment 4: Generating Low-Cost Leads – Part 2
  • Segment 5: The Secret to Extraordinary & Repeatable Results
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