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Cracking the Code Podcast
Author: | September 11th, 2023

Where to Find Talent for Next Year’s Busy Season

Find talent that gets results for your business with Drew Cameron’s lessons on keeping your workforce fully stocked during the busy season, regardless of turnover. Learn how to look for talent differently than your competitors in order to scoop up recruits that others pass over.

Hiring the right talent quickly is a challenge faced by businesses, especially during peak seasons. The ability to keep your workforce fully stocked and operating at full capacity, even with inevitable turnover, can be a game-changer. So, how can you ensure that you’re finding and hiring the best talent in a competitive market?

Drew Cameron, an industry expert with a proven track record in this area, shares some valuable insights. He emphasizes the need to approach talent acquisition differently from your competitors to tap into a pool of recruits that others might overlook.

The first step in finding talent effectively is to redefine your recruitment strategy. Don’t just follow the conventional paths; explore new avenues. While job boards and traditional recruitment methods have their place, they often attract the same candidates everyone else is chasing. To stand out, consider other sources, like industry-specific forums, social media groups, or local networking events. Sometimes, hidden gems can be found in unexpected places.

Another crucial aspect is defining your ideal candidate. What qualities and skills are non-negotiable for your business? What can be trained or developed over time? Having a clear picture of your requirements helps streamline the selection process and ensures that you’re not swayed by candidates who might not be the right fit in the long run.

Moreover, speed should not compromise quality. Rushing through interviews or background checks can lead to costly hiring mistakes. Implement efficient but thorough evaluation processes to identify candidates who not only meet your immediate needs but also align with your company’s long-term goals and culture.

Networking is another potent tool. Building relationships with industry peers and professionals can open doors to a broader talent pool. Referrals and recommendations often lead to outstanding hires. So, foster a network of connections within your industry.

Finally, consider leveraging technology. Applicant tracking systems and AI-powered tools can help streamline your recruitment process, allowing you to identify promising candidates more efficiently.

In conclusion, finding talent quickly doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. By rethinking your recruitment strategy, networking, and embracing technology, you can ensure that your workforce remains fully stocked and capable, even during high turnover periods. Drew Cameron’s insights can guide you in this journey, helping you uncover exceptional talent that your competitors might overlook. So, when it comes to recruitment, remember to think outside the box and be proactive in your pursuit of the right candidates.

Drew Cameron is a long-time EGIA Contractor University faculty member, and is the president of Flow Odyssey, and Energy Design Systems, LLC.

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