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Author: Thomas Christian | August 8th, 2023

Ask the Experts | Customer Complaint Management

Customer complaint management and handling negative online reviews are vital aspects for a contracting business to uphold a positive reputation and establish trust with potential clients. When confronted with complaints, it is crucial to listen actively and empathize with the customer, demonstrating that their feedback is valued. Responding promptly is essential in online reputation management, as it shows that you take customer concerns seriously and are proactive in addressing issues.

Address complaints publicly, showing professionalism and politeness, but attempt to resolve matters privately whenever possible. Offering practical solutions and taking steps to prevent recurrence displays your commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, as these can offset negative feedback and showcase your dedication to providing excellent service.

View complaints as learning opportunities, using them to identify areas for improvement and enhance your services. Regularly monitoring online review platforms and social media allows you to stay proactive in resolving issues and safeguarding your reputation. By effectively managing customer complaints and negative reviews, whether you are using Yelp business review or your local newspaper classifieds.

On this week’s edition of “Ask the Experts,” an HVAC operator in Virginia asked:

“What advice do you have for dealing with customer complaints?”

Brigham Dickinson, president and founder of Power Selling Pros and a faculty member of EGIA Contractor University, is celebrated throughout the industry as a customer service coaching authority. By following his simple roadmaps to success, available to Premium EGIA members in the Contracting Best Practices Online Training Platform, you can completely reinvent how your team communicates with customers and drive revenue in the process. As Brigham says, your customer service reps are your first impression with the customer and your last, if they screw it up.

Our faculty members have also answered questions on other topics related to sales in the contracting world, including handling customer questions on pricing and overall residential customer trends.

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