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Author: Thomas Christian | August 15th, 2023

Ask the Experts | How to Close Sales When Competing Against Better Offers

Knowing how to close sales when your offer doesn’t match up to a competitor’s requires coming clean to a customer and relying on your connection with them. Today’s “Ask The Experts” focuses on sales reps competing against other contractors that can offer a one-year buyback guarantee or other aspects of a sale that are considered more “modern” in the contracting industry.

From a contractor’s standpoint, offering a one-year buyback guarantee might seem enticing. It can attract hesitant customers, portraying confidence in the work’s durability. However, it’s not without drawbacks. This guarantee might implicitly admit the potential for errors, potentially sowing doubts in clients’ minds. Moreover, it could foster a transactional relationship rather than a genuine partnership, where a successful project is the ultimate goal.

In contrast, a prudent contractor understands that customer experience is the cornerstone of their reputation. Rather than relying on a one-year buyback guarantee, they emphasize a proactive approach that aims to prevent issues altogether. By meticulously planning projects, utilizing quality materials, and executing tasks with precision, they significantly reduce the likelihood of errors. This approach fosters trust and loyalty, creating lasting relationships with clients.

To stand out against companies with buyback guarantees, emphasize the value of your comprehensive approach. Highlight how your focus on precision, quality, and transparent communication minimizes the chances of post-project issues. Illustrate the benefits of a collaborative partnership, where client satisfaction and project success are the driving forces. Additionally, showcase your past successes and testimonials, underscoring your commitment to delivering lasting results without the need for guarantees.

An HVAC contractor in Tennessee asked:

“Our company does not have a one year buy back guarantee, so do we compete with a company that does?”

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