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Author: | October 24th, 2023

Ask The Experts | Incentivizing Technicians to Upsell Customers

An HVAC contractor in South Dakota asked:

How should I entice our technicians to upsell?

In the realm of HVAC, transforming routine service calls into lucrative opportunities for upselling is a game-changer, but not every technician naturally excels in the art of selling. There exists a dichotomy among technicians — those who effortlessly combine technical expertise with persuasive communication skills and those whose strengths lie predominantly in technical proficiency.

The first category, often labeled ‘technician-sellers,’ possesses the rare ability to seamlessly integrate education about potential upgrades or supplementary services during routine maintenance tasks. Conversely, the second group, while technically proficient, might lack the finesse required for effective selling.

Succeeding in upselling extends beyond individual capabilities; it demands a cultural shift within the HVAC company. Technicians need to be empowered to view each service call as an opportunity not just for technical tasks but also for education and upselling. Establishing a culture that values technicians as educators and customer advocates is paramount.

Upselling is a skill that can be nurtured through training. By providing technicians with the right tools, knowledge, and guidance, companies can transform even those less predisposed to selling into adept upsellers. Training programs should encompass not only technical aspects but also effective communication and customer engagement, teaching technicians how to identify opportunities, convey the value of additional services, and address customer concerns adeptly.

Ultimately, incentivizing technicians in upselling is about more than boosting sales; it’s about instilling a customer-centric approach, turning routine service interactions into valuable educational moments, enriching the customer’s understanding of their HVAC system, and elevating the overall service experience.

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