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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | February 16th, 2024

Online HVAC Training | Contractor University

Using Online HVAC Training to Elevate a Residential Team’s Business Skills

Consistently reinforcing the core competencies of your HVAC business will transform your team and the quality of your service. That’s why all of the most successful businesses in the industry make sure their employees participate in online HVAC training, to build the skills of service technicians and show they are a business that invests in its own workers.

Good employees can come from many different backgrounds and experience levels.

One tech may have attended a world-class technical program followed by an enriching apprenticeship experience, while another could have gone to a middling school with less-than-ideal instructors.

Filling the holes in each of your employees’ technical education not only helps your company, but helps them in their growth as professionals, and allows you to be more flexible in your hiring decisions to keep new talent flowing into your pipeline.

Contractor University offers a full suite of battle-tested online HVAC training in multiple different formats, so that you and your technicians can train in whichever way is most convenient for you.

What You’ll Learn from Contractor University’s Online HVAC Training

The Contractor University Resource Library contains 23 different sections, each pertaining to a different area of owning a business.

The content of our resource library was created by some of the most well-known business experts and educators in the industry, including bestselling authors Weldon Long, Steve Shallenberger and Mark Matteson; “America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Advisor” Drew Cameron; serial entrepreneur Gary Elekes; “Mr. HVAC” James Leichter; HVAC Sales Coach Mike Treas; one of America’s best comfort advisors Russ Horrocks; professional speaker, trainer and consultant Scott Deming; and so many more.

You may think you already know everything under the sun about topics such as leadership, company planning or lead generation, but what about legal principles, human resources or digital branding? All of these areas and more are essential to running a business, even the ones you may not have thought about before.

But that’s just an overview, ready to dive deep? Then get started on Contractor University’s online classes, which are continually updated and new courses are added.

Our library includes 22 (and counting) separate online courses for business training, and another 10 for technical training. You can also assign classes to your employees and check their progress using our reporting feature.

Alongside our Resource Library, CU hosts regular events both online and in-person, offering deep dives into the subjects that we offer in our Resource Library and Online Courses.

These live events are an opportunity to connect with your fellow contracting business owners from across the country as well as glean wisdom from of the industry’s most accomplished educators, even including interactive sessions that allow contractors to participate by asking burning questions and getting them answered in real time.

Cracking the Code is Contractor University’s flagship streaming show. Serving online HVAC training content from our studio in Colorado Springs, CO, the show releases every Monday morning, perfect to watch on your own or with your team, and start your week off with motivation, inspiration and education.

The show also comes in podcast form, so you can listen from your truck on the way to your first job of the day. With tons of interesting guests and industry wisdom, it’s the best way an HVAC business owner or team member can start their week off right.

3 Benefits of Online HVAC Training

The ability to raise the value of your team’s skill set across the board is the reason why so many contractors and business owners have chosen to become a member of Contractor University.

Additionally, CU continually works to suit our training to the needs of the people that use it. That’s why we work tirelessly to build out as many added features as possible on our expansive Resource Library— you just never know when you are going to need it.

1) Flexibility and Accessibility

All of Contractor University’s online HVAC training content is available 24/7 through our resource library. Whether in the office or on the go, you can find quick training to help you and your employees with all aspects of running an HVAC business.

We believe that this gives our members the freedom to take bold steps in their businesses, even if they are still figuring out some of the details as they go.

We understand that sometimes, business is fluid, and you may not know you need something until a customer is demanding it from you. But with world-class business experts just a click away, contractors can feel confident that they can take on anything and learn what they need to know with our resources.

2) Courses and Specializations

Along with our quick-hitting content that can help you in a pinch, our resource library allows business owners to go as deep as possible into specific areas of running a business and come out on the other side with uncommon expertise.

Want to improve the quality of your service? Expanding and need to know how to departmentalize? Or how about simply learning how to increase your sales department’s close rate?

Our Resource Library goes in-depth on 23 different sections, each diving into a different topic, with each topic having multiple sub-topics allowing you to navigate as deep as you need.

Selecting the “View By Categories” option underneath our website’s search bar will give you an overview of each available online HVAC training subject and more.

Take a look, you may find something you weren’t even thinking about yet for your business.

3)Latest Standards and Technologies

In this day and age, new legislation is constantly changing the landscape in which HVAC businesses can operate.

That’s why our faculty members are some of the most experienced and well-respected experts in the industry, making sure that any new, crucial topic on the horizon is turned into valuable training content for our members.

Members can also enroll in our business coaching program, to get 1-to-1 coaching with experts who can approach your business from a new perspective and hold you accountable as an owner.

Impact on Business Operations

We all know the difference between walking into a mom & pop corner store and walking into a Walgreens or Rite-Aid.

Professionalism matters to consumers, but you’re an owner, not a McDonald’s franchisee. There’s no higher power changing aspects of your business.

Customers may not know that you’re a member of Contractor University, but they can tell the difference between members who know how to be professionals and the “Chuck in a truck” they hired for their last job.

In order to have consistent business results, you must have consistent business processes.

But while you may know a thing or two about HVAC, how are you supposed to be an expert in service logistics or accounting methods?

The Contractor University difference is changing the game for contractors all over the country. Customers have already begun to expect the quality service of a business that’s a CU member, and they’re willing to pay extra for it as well.

Offering premium service means being able to charge more than the low-cost company, which will increase your revenue. But that’s not the only way online HVAC training can build your bottom line.

By constantly building the skillsets of your individual workers, your employees become more and more proficient in their roles.

This increases efficiency and reduces time wasted on troubleshooting and problem solving, which means that a single technician becomes more productive at their own tasks.

Now expand the effect of one technician becoming faster and more proficient to your entire workforce, and it becomes evident that investing in your entire staff through online training is critical to businesses that want to expand and grow.

Implementing training across your entire workforce will have an exponential effect on your employees’ performance, building your core competency and building your reputation in your customers’ eyes altogether.

Elevating Customer Satisfaction

Elevating your business’s core competencies through online HVAC training is the best way to create a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

The better your service, the happier the customer, right?

Even if your company has higher prices than your competitors, customers should be able to see what they are paying for through the quality of your work and service.

Although there may be some customers that will still go for a cheaper option, most homeowners are likely to have enough bad experiences with shoddy companies that they will gladly pay extra for better service.

Consistently offering quality service will separate you from the rest of the companies in your market, and slowly customers will learn to choose your business over others for their needs.

This organically creates better customer relationships. These are the customers that you can rely on to support you through the inevitable hard times in your business and ultimately makes your company’s value that much stronger.

Online HVAC Training: Elevate Your Team

Enrolling yourself and your team in consistent online HVAC training is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your service and the efficiency of your company.

When deciding on which organization to partner with for your training, make sure that you choose one that has the most expansive training catalog to make the most of your membership.

That’s why Contractor University is proud to offer the industry’s best training platform, making a difference in the lives and wellbeing of business owners all over America.