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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | January 29th, 2024

Why You Should Give A Product Demonstration

An HVAC Contractor in Alabama asked:

What should I do instead of doing a product demonstration so that I do not have to bring all of those components into the home?

EGIA faculty member Weldon Long began by stating that one shouldn’t feel pressure to not bring a product demonstration into the home, saying, “it’s not that big of a deal.”

But Long continued to advocate for an in-home product demonstration, explaining the theory behind why it is included in his sales course.

“People learn a lot of different ways,” said Long. “The reason I like the product demonstration with physical elements in front of me is because you have some people that connect with things through touching them.”

Long elaborated by explaining that there are plenty of comparable sales tactics employed in other industries, such as giving a potential customer a test drive in a car in which they’re already interested. “The product demonstration is literally the best thing I’ve been able to come up with to get people physically connected to their heating and air conditioning system,” he said.

Long concluded by saying that pictures could be an alternative to having an entire product demonstration on hand, but that alternatives to a product demonstration are not going to be as impactful as a homeowner connecting with the system itself.

Fellow faculty member Drew Cameron jumped in and added that during the product demonstration, what a sales person should be saying is very simplistically describing what each part does and how they all work together.

Cameron continued by stating that in this demonstration, while the homeowner is able to see how intricate and complicated an air conditioning system is, that one should also be relaying to the customer that they need to be careful when choosing a company that will be installing and servicing that system.

Drew Cameron is a renowned author, speaker, educator, coach, consultant, software developer, philanthropist, and an International Consultant Award Winner.

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, powerful speaker, sales expert and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency – Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals.

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