Snapshot Survey
Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | March 27th, 2024

2023 Contracting Best Practices Industry Research Report Now Available

Discover the Latest Industry Trends on How Contractors are Operating Their Businesses

Contractor University surveys its contractor network every month on a specific focus area to gain insight on how contractors are evolving their business practices to achieve maximum success. At the conclusion of each month, Contractor University publishes a summary of the survey results and makes findings available exclusively for Contractor University members. These monthly survey reports are a quick and easy way for contractors to see what is working and what isn’t working for their peers within the industry.

Enclosed in this annual report are all of the individual Snapshot Survey research reports that were provided to Contractor University members in 2023. The Snapshot Survey Program is just one of the benefits for Contractor University members to access.

Designed to increase the quality of work for your comfort advisors, this course includes training on:

  • Results Report for January – Working Remotely
  • Results Report for February – Performance & Productivity
  • Results Report for March – Call-Ins vs. Service Agreements
  • Results Report for April – Succession Planning for Business Owners
  • Results Report for May – Expanding Your Workforce
  • Results Report for June – Running Marketing Promotions
  • Results Report for July – ChatGPT & AI
  • Results Report for August – Ongoing Business Education
  • Results Report for September – Online Lead Generation
  • Results Report for October – Energy Efficient/Sustainable Systems
  • Results Report for November – Pricing
  • Results Report for December – Winter HVAC Tips
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